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Monterey Carpet Cleaning Baby on Clean Carpet

Protect the Health of Your Family as Well as Your Carpet

No doubt, you understand that using a professional carpet cleaner regularly prolongs the life of your carpet. Common sense states that when dirt gets into your carpet it acts like sandpaper scratching against the fibers and damaging them. That’s bad enough, but the problem gets worse day by day until a professional carpet cleaner with sufficient power lifts the dirt and grit out of your carpet from deep down. In fact it’s not uncommon for a neglected carpet to hold up to eight times it’s weight in dirt.

What’s more, that dirt is toxic! It’s filled with allergy triggering substances such as dust mite feces, pollen, spores, mold and mildew as well as potentially hazardous bacteria and viruses. In fact,  if your household has experienced a bought of colds and/or flues this year, now’s the time to consider hiring a Monterey Carpet Cleaning Company with the skill and technology to insure you have a much healthier home.

Powerful Yet Family Safe Carpet Cleaning Technology

Our carpet cleaning method utilizes a very powerful, truck mounted, hot water extraction unit with ample power to tackle your most extreme carpet cleaning needs. Our well trained technicians are instructed not only to clean well but to leave your carpet as dry as possible. Additionally, we utilize the most advanced and effective liquid cleaning solution available on the market. It produces extraordinary carpet cleaning results but it is also environmentally friendly, completely safe for your family as well as your pets!

NO Enzymes
NO Bacteria
NO Bleach
NO Toxic Oxidizors
NO Sticky, Soapy Residues
100% Nontoxic
100% Hypoallergenic
100% Earth Friendly

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